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Residential Window Cleaning


IDW offers window cleaning inside and outside, including scraping bugs, paint, and debris. Our window cleaners are professional, polite, and trustworthy. We respect our client’s homes and even remove our shoes when entering the house. Many of our residential clients have been with us for over a decade.

Commercial Window Cleaning

IDW clients range from universities, hospitals, corporate centers, hotels, banks and schools to new construction projects in Ohio and Indiana. Our capabilities include high rise, manlifts, ladderwork and water-fed pole work. IDW employees are professionally trained and strictly follow OSHA and ANSI guidelines. Safety is our number one priority and all employees regularly participate in safety training seminars.

Roof Cleaning

That’s not dirt on your roof; it’s algae! This particular type of algae feeds on limestone, a major part of the composition of your roof. Over time, the algae works to deteriorate your roof shingles. Not only do the black streaks look bad, but they reduce a home’s value. IDW offers a  process to remove the algae and give the roof a like new appearance.